HOW TO SPOT A LIAR ? Read below !

TIRED of dealing with people lying to you ?

WANT to be difficult to deceive ?

YOU WANT to inspire respect and fear ?

WANT to learn how to spot a liar ?


Philip KaizenHello !

I am Philippe Kaizen, a former French Police Officer specialized in lie detection and currently works as a blogger on lie detection in France that has been read by more than 1.200.000 viewers to this day.

Do you have an inclination in getting to know some techniques that will most certainly allow you to detect your interlocutor’s lies?


What if I tell you that you would be capable to do so within a very few hours ?

How to spot a liar - Stop lying to me

YES ! It is possible.

Lie back at ease and just imagine:

  • You are capable of detecting the slightest lie as you speak to another or when he speaks to you.
  • You are aware when your husband or wife lies to you.
  • You are skilful enough to understand body language and nothing can escape you.
  • You can momentarily notice the reactions and the nonverbal language of people around you, even without directly looking at them.
  • You thwart all traps that can direct you to a dishonest seller.
  • You have the potential to analyze an awkward situation within a few seconds during a business appointment or a job interview.
  • By construing your interlocutor’s body language, you are capable of anticipating the reactions and consequently make the best decisions.
  • You feel strong and powerful (and you certainly are) because only you know these lie detection techniques.
  • Even your friends are afraid of lying to you since they know that you are capable of detecting lies instantly. And in turn seeks advice from you…
  • You can catch a liar without being caught.
  • You can even catch a cheater on a letter written to you by analysing the context.
  • You can spot a liar by their eye movements.


I can tell you if you are lying - how to spot a liar

And this, is only the beginning of a very long list!

” This is a good affordable and fairly comprehensive book.

Easy to read and understand, even too much sometimes ! “.


Learn how to spot a liar ! After a few hours of reading and practicing some of the techniques that I am about to teach you, I guarantee that you will totally transform into another person!





“ This book is full of practical advice and feedback ! ”.


“This book is written by a former policeman used to conduct interviews.
So he developed the ability to recognize the liars (and therefore honest people) “.

“One word: Congratulations! “.

“ Thank you for your book it really helped me “.


“ that’s exactly what I was looking for, easy to read, easy to assimilate. Watch people every day or on TV becomes fun. “.


  1. Chapter 1: introduction.

  2. Chapter 2: the lies and your brain.

  3. Chapter 3: the lies and your eyes.

  4. Chapter 4: lies and behaviour.

  5. Chapter 5: lies, logic and common sense.

  6. Chapter 6: tactics, strategies and counter attacks.

  7. Chapter 7: advanced techniques.

  8. Chapter 8: mental training techniques.


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